I bought Chromecast over the summer. So far it has been great. (For readers who do not know, Chromecast┬áis a device that plugs into the back of your television and allows you to easily send videos from your computer or tablet or phone onto your TV) All over all, the device has been fantastic. Now I’ve mentioned before I’m not much of a TV guy myself, so when I was buying Chromecast I already knew that my housemates would get more use out of it than I would. Still, for $35 it was worth it. Recently, the TV has been streaming videos through Chromecast more often than it has been on the actual TV.

Chromecast is still mainly intentioned to be streaming compatible apps, mainly Netflix and YouTube. You can, however, stream a tab from your browser, as well as an ‘experimental’ feature which allows you to stream your entire computer. There are problems with each of these. When I try to stream my entire computer the feed can be quite choppy. This is probably due to my internet not being the fastest around. More problematic is that the sound from my computer does not get sent with the video feed. I have to plug speakers into my laptop so everyone can hear, but even then the sound and video playback are not synced. But hey, that’s experimental anyways… There is also a problem casting a browser tab. Suppose I am playing a video from a website and decide to cast that tab. I then want to full screen the video so that people aren’t seeing the browser window. No problem, it’s now full screen on the TV. The problem, is that it is now full screen on my computer. I am unable to do other things in other tabs because the full screen follows me and blocks the screen out. Even if I separate the tab that is playing the video into its own window the problem persists.

The other day was the first time my friends and I used Chromecast to watch lots of Youtube videos. We followed a normal path of video watching. We started out with some snowboarding videos, which lead to skydiving videos, then